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Todo for Android Download APK v1.6 (2023 Latest version)

Todo for Android Download APK v1.6 (2023 Latest version)


Download Link from play store ➜ ⇢ ➤ com.kewitschka.todoreminderpro
Android App apk store name :Google Play Store app
Size8.14 MB
Price Free
Publisher Kewitschka Apps


Todo APK + for Android Download (2023 Latest version) v1.6


Get to download the latest app apk version of Todo APK,then you are at the right place by coming to oniriapictures. In oniriapictures you can free download Todo for Android Download APK v1.6 for free. The following is a detailed informations about Todo for Android Download APK v1.6.

Todo for Android Download APK Free Download

Todo for Android Download APK is the PRO version of Todo APK. By using the Todo for Android Download APK APP, Inside it you can easily perform all the tasks and requirements. You often have to spend a lot of time or money to easily get the rewards, but with the use of Todo for Android Download APK, You often get to reach your goals in a very short time but today with the new APP Todo for Android Download APK ,It is a great app to outperform your competitors today. Now in oniriapictures you can download Todo APK v1.6 for free. This process doesn’t cost anything, and you can use it with confidence.

Todo APK Download with oniriapictures

If you don’t want to download the Todo APK Free Download version, you can also easily download the Todo APK in oniriapictures. oniriapictures will update the Todo APK version it's available now for free save your time.All the Users can easily upgrade to the latest version the lastest update of 2023 Todo APK without downloading Google Play.

Todo APK v1.6 2023 Features

Make yourself productive and goal-oriented with task manager app! To do list maker is an innovative project planner that makes you efficient and prompt. This digital planner keeps you updated about ongoing and upcoming tasks. Besides built-in reminder notifies you about tasks that are around the corner. Special thanks to the repetition feature that helps set a hassle-free daily reminder, weekly reminder, monthly reminder, and yearly reminder.However, this task manager works as a time management tool that simplifies your workflow. Users can sort tasks based on priority, due date, creation date, title and description. Track your scheduled and finished tasks simultaneously. Let the to-do list app does wonders for you. Most importantly, this to do list planner supports different languages for worldwide users. With the to-do list, you will no longer miss any tasks or appointments thanks to the reminder function. Just make a list of your most important to-dos. You can add tags, attachments and (repeating) reminders to tasks so you don’t forget anything.The dictation function allows you to plan tasks without writing. As soon as the task is due, you will receive a reminder that you can postpone or complete with one click directly in the notification. All tasks are clearly presented in the app that you can add to your home screen.Use the app as a shopping list, organizer or simply for notes.== To Do Lists Maker Todo list widget app is an impressive to-do list creator that enlists your tasks with essential details and reminders. Create a list of your daily tasks, meetings, plan, projects, and whatever you are gonna do. == Task PlannerOur digital planner allows you to set milestones for small or big achievements. Planning is essential to take yourself on a winning ride. So, bring yourself on the right track and make use of this task manager and planner.== Productivity AppTo do list maker is intended to enhance your productivity by completing tasks in the decided timeframe. Stay focused and indulge a new technique to redefine your working life. == SimplicityThe operation and user interface of the task planner are kept as simple, structured and intuitive as possible so that you can focus on your appointments and tasks. The ToDo function is very quickly accessible. Either via Android’s quick settings or by simply selecting any text and choosing “Todo” via the context menu.== Tasks and RemindersCreate new tasks quickly and easily, without registration or internet access. Speech recognition turns your mobile phone into a dictation machine. You will receive the reminder as soon as the task is due.The tasks can be repeated every day of the week, x days, weeks, months or years.You can assign the task to specific topics using configurable tags and prioritize them. Image attachments allow you to quickly add, for example, handwritten notes.== CustomizabilityAll functions of the task planner can be individually adapted to your needs. You can choose your favorite look from 14 different themes or you can use the Dark Mode to save battery and protect your eyes.APP FEATURES: Simple and user-friendly interfaceSmooth display with intuitive optionsTo do list maker and project plannerTime management tool for everyone Allows you to sort and prioritize tasksCheck out scheduled and complete tasksMake use of reminder and repetition featuresOrganize your working life and daily routine tasks with the schedule planner app! BackupsTo protect your planned tasks, you can create a local backup that you can simply import back into the task planner.Languages ​​The task list is translated into the following languages:• German 🇩🇪• English 🇺🇸• Dutch 🇳🇱• Spanish 🇪🇸• Portuguese 🇵🇹• Italian 🇮🇹• French 🇫🇷• Russian 🇷🇺• Ukrainian 🇺🇦• Polish 🇵🇱• Turkish 🇹🇷• Greek 🇬🇷• Chinese 🇨🇳Is your language missing? If you want to help with the translation, just write an email to [email protected]

How to download and install Todo for Android Download APK 1.6

To download Todo mod from

You just have to click the link “Download Link” option in the tables above.

1. Click the Download button at the top of the page to download the Todo for Android Download APK.

2. Download the app to your device’ from the google play store app or website.

3. Now click on the the app icon on your home screen where you find the app you downloaded Todo file to Open it and wait for the app it will instantly complete loading and show up.

4. Once it is done, you can open the app and try it immediately.

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